What is the Best Longboard for Beginners?

Longboards are like skateboards, only longer and filled with more capabilities than the traditional skateboard. Anyone that enjoys this sport will love longboarding, as long as they’ve chosen the best board. As a beginner, choosing the best longboard for beginners is imperative to enjoyment of the sport.

What Longboard do you Want?

longboard for beginners

The choices of longboards are extensive. There are tons of brands, styles, choices, and prices. When you want a longboard, choosing the one most suitable for your needs is important. The wrong longboard and you are not going to enjoy what you come to get. We are here to alleviate some of the pain of choosing the best longboard for beginners.

Ten Toes

One of the boards that is great for newbies is the Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard. This cool longboard is available in several colors and is made of bamboo so it is strong and durable. The board is 44-inches in length, has lightweight trucks of 7-inches, and smooth riding thanks to smooth kingpin trucks.

Atom Pintail

A second board that you will love if you are new to the world of longboarding is the Atom Pintail Longboard. This exciting board is fun and colorful, featuring the pintail shape that makes it easy for those just starting out to get the best out of their experience. This board features 8 ½ inch aluminum trucks, a maple laminate deck, and tons of other awesome features.


A third board of interest for the beginning longboarder is the Quest Super Cruiser. This board is not only stylish, but durable and high-quality. It features a 44-inch length, and is lightweight at about 8 pounds.  Made of Artisan bamboo, the board is easy to use and available in your choice of three cool colors.