What is the Bin Lookup Feature?

When we first talked about the feature where you could look up bins, people were confused. What is a bin? What is the bin lookup method? Now we can talk a little bit about the method and how it can help businesses around the world. When you are running an online retail site, or you are selling some stuff of your own through a domain that you created, you will have to do a few things to ensure that your online store is ready to go. The first thing is to have all the forms and everything where people can put in their details and pay you for the items they want.

You may even want to partner with a payment company so they can handle the payment aspect, but that is entirely optional. Another thing that you can do, which will cost you much less and is equally easy to implement, is to take the lookup tool for bins and ensure that you are checking each and every transaction that is made through a debit or credit card. When someone pays with PayPal or other sites, you are good to go, because they have their own checks to ensure the right person is using the account.

bin lookup

But if it is a card that is going straight into your site to charge for the payment, then you are going to want to make sure the card was not stolen before it was used on your site. And the lookup feature for bin helps you a lot in this regard. You will have all the information you needed and now you are easily able to tell if someone is really using their own card, or whether they are trying some type of theft to get one over on you. Make sure you use the feature every time!