Two cool pink baby bouncers for really cool shorties

pink baby bouncers

The one cool bouncer actually plays music, would you believe, while the other cool bouncer can quite literally put baby to sleep. This is really cool especially when mum’s got her hands full right now and wouldn’t mind a little peace and quiet for a short while. These two cool pink baby bouncers are the Baby Vibrating Musical Bouncy Chair and the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Pink Bunny Bouncer. Now that second bouncer really is quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

It’s feeding time in the zoo. It may as well be, right mums. Getting babies to sit still in their chairs is quite the mission for animal keepers who are more than well equipped in taming those wild animals. Instead of the rickety high chair, you can leave wild baby comfortably rollicking in his bouncing chair, gently so, one hopes, while you get him to take his num-nums, otherwise known as tea where you come from. And then he can gently rock off to sleep.

Ah, peace and quiet at last. Who would have thought that this blissful moment would arrive so quickly? The Baby Vibrating Musical Bouncy Chair has a three-point harness for security and a detachable toy bar with a mirror. It also has a rattle dolphin and even a crinkle book. These are educational tools par excellence. They are designed to catch baby’s attention and help develop his sensory skills for when he grows out of his bouncer.

Oh dear. But in the meantime, the Fisher Price unit is ideal for feeding and nap times.  It has a fold-out kickstand that converts into a rocker or stationary seat. It also has three interactive toys attached. These toys can be detached too. And it also has a security harness, keeping baby safe, sound, and hopefully asleep.